Thursday, August 28, 2008

A glimpse into the mind of a 3 year old

Luke is beginning to question how the world around him works. He is no longer taking it for granted that the things around him function every day. He now wants to know how and why they function. For example, the other day he asked where the hole in the toilet goes.

This morning at breakfast Luke looked over at me and said, "Mom, how do you eat babies?" At first, I was a little shocked by the question. You know, because it sounded a little cannibalistic. And Rose was giggling because of the absurdity of his question. Then, it hit me. We always say that when a woman is pregnant that she has a baby in her belly. So, I asked him if he was wanting to know how women get babies in their bellies. And that is exactly what he wanted to know. Well, I made sure that he understood that we, in fact, do not eat them. Then, I told him that God puts the babies in our bellies to grow until they are ready to be born.

Then, a few minutes after we cleared that up, Luke said, "Mom, when you die can I have your iron?" At the time, I was ironing some bead crafts that the kids had finished this morning. Then, before I could respond, he added, "and can I have your car too?" Now, is it just me, or is he a little young to be having these thoughts?

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