Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy feet

I have a goal to make it to the beach every summer. Sometimes I reach that goal and sometimes I do not. What can it hurt, though, to make it a goal every year?

The summer of 2008 we went to Orange Beach, Alabama. The summer of 2006 we went to Fort Morgan, Alabama. Not too shabby of a record considering that we've only been a family for a little over four years.

Several years ago, before children and husband, I made a trip to Ocracoke Island for my aunt's wedding. I had never heard of Ocracoke before the occasion. It is an island off of the Outer Banks (which I was also unfamiliar with at the time) of North Carolina.

Now, if you are wanting a commercialized, activity-filled, amusement park type of vacation, then Ocracoke is not for you. If you are looking for a low-key, laid-back, aesthetically pleasing getaway, then Ocracoke is the perfect destination or so I like to think. I would love to go back with my husband and kids in tow.

Who knows? Maybe we'll make it there this summer. I don't think it would hurt to get a list together of possible travel arrangements and accomodations. Do you?

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