Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still trying to figure it all out

Last night, as we were waiting for our food at Belew's (my favorite place to get a milkshake and cheeseburger), Luke asked, "How did God make me?" Then he asked, "Did he have a bag of eyes and a bag of other body parts?" As he asked, he did some hand gestures like he was reaching down in a bag to grab something. I guess Luke was imagining God digging around in a bag full of eyes for the ones that would be just right for Luke. Then God would turn to his bag of other body parts, pick out what he needed, and put Luke together. I think it is a reasonable theory for a 4 year old to concoct.

Unrelated side note: Rose scored her first goal of this soccer season last night. I was so happy for her as she has so badly wanted this. Although, I do believe and I have told her that there are many other important things to do during the game than score a goal (like block the other team's goals, make assists, etc). It made my day, though, to see her pumping both arms in the air out of joy when she made the shot.

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