Friday, May 9, 2008

Rob and roma tomatoes

I think it is a true sign that a person is in love when he/she develops an acute, previously nonexistent interest in cooking at the onset of a relationship. This was the case for me when I started seeing Rob. I called my mom so frequently for recipes and cooking help that my dad made the comment at some point, after many phone calls, that I must really like Rob to be cooking for him so often. Well, he was correct. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach is cliche, but must be derived from a primordial truth. A mate who could provide edible food at meal time had to be more desired than one who could not. Therefore, one would want to display this ability when attempting to acquire a mate. And now, presently, even though this cooking trait is not necessary for survival, I think it is still preferred.

So much of dating seems to be centered around food. Whether cooking for one another, going out to dinner, or grabbing a quick bite to eat on lunch breaks, couples spend much time together eating. I remember back in the early days of our relationship, Rob and I routinely had lunches together at my apartment in between his teaching and my attending classes. We used to make these yummy sandwiches with Hawaiian buns toasted with mayo and cheddar, brown sugar ham, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, sometimes spinach, and maybe a little vidalia onion dressing. We looked forward to these sandwiches and the brief time together during the middle of busy days.

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