Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the summertime

Summer officially begins at the end of this week and, as I watch my kids play outside, swim, and do summer-type activities, I am reminded of the summers when I was young and free. I thought I would do a bit of stream of consciousness here to make note of some memories floating around in my head.

Picking strawberries at Grandma's house, shucking corn too, fishing in the pond, mosquito bites, watermelon with salt, riding and doing tricks on Ladybug the pony, braiding horse manes for parades, climbing around in the big barn, trying but failing to skip rocks in the pond (my brother and cousins could), my other Grandma's tomatoes and turnip greens (both of which I did not like to eat), her rose bushes and many other flowers, she always made us icecream cones sometimes little bitty ones using bugles, my grandparents' flip shades that went over their glasses (I thought they were kinda funny), picking wild flowers (weeds sometimes) for my mom, not wanting to wear a shirt because my brother didn't, running around barefoot even on gravel, popping the bubbles in the tar on the road with my toes, riding bikes around the block, many scraped knees treated with orange mecuricome, playing cops and robbers (I was always the cop because I had a blue banana seat bike), playing horse at our neighbors' house (I had an awesome baseline shot that I could count on), playing dodgeball (which was probably my least favorite game because my girl friend and I were playing with our older brothers), hanging upside down on our swing set on a trapeze-like swinging metal bar, mom making us tang and giving us flavor-ice popsicles

Nota bene: the outdoors theme. That is where we spent all our time. And it was great.

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