Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mastering Stuff

For me, one of the most frustrating responsibilities as an adult is the management of the constant influx of things into our home. I think that, without children, adults do stand a chance of successfully controlling the massive quantity of bills, junk mail, receipts, etc that come in on a daily basis. With kids, the amount of stuff that flows in increases to an astounding magnitude considering all the clothes, toys, and, well, just plain old junk that they accumulate.

I'll admit I have been losing the battle against stuff. I so badly want to be in the position of conqueror, but I am nowhere near winning the assaults of the numerous objects that have no right being in my home. I want to impose order and simplicity. I want to exile disarray and materialism.

I know if I could afford a personal assistant that her job would consist solely of handling this conflict in my home. Qualifications for the position would include a Ph.D. in organization and no less than 5 years experience in a home with at least two children. I would have to pay her an outrageous salary. And, still, she most likely would resign from her position within days of beginning it because, no matter how qualified she is and how big her paycheck, the relentless struggle with our stuff would not be worth forfeiting her sanity.

Some may think I exaggerate. That's okay. They do not have children. And, I hope I haven't dissuaded them from having them.

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